Shepherds and Shops

There are a number of shepherds and shops I’ve found I can trust over the past several years.  Your own mileage may vary, but I have no hesitations recommending these.


List coming shortly.

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  1. Dear Rhonna,

    What a terrific job you’ve done clarifying things for me regarding Norwegian sheep breeds! I can’t thank you enough for this research and your time and effort explaining why it seems its been so murky trying to figure this out.

    I’m a feltmaker living in western Massachusetts who has been importing wool for over a decade from the Hifa/Hillesvag mill off the coast near Bergen and I’ve been trying to learn more about the Norwegian breeds since then.

    We sell the lovely pelsull at our store and also what the mill refers to as C-1. I’ve been told that C-1 refers to the late summer-autumn shear, first quality. I think the C-1 wool is from the crossbred Norwegain White Sheep. We also offer a 50/50 blend of the C-1 and pelsull that felts like a dream.

    Thank you once again and happy fiber trails!
    Christine White

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