Occasionally, I’ll post a review of a piece of a fiber-related product or piece of equipment.  You’ll find those reviews here.  Just follow the drop-down menu under “Reviews” in the menu bar above.

  •  Acorn 5-pitch Fine English combs
  • Jumbo Katie-A-Go-Go
  • Schönwolff convertible wool combs
  • Valkyrie wool combs


As you can see, there are three sets of combs reviewed here. To help put them in perspective:

Wool combs

The first, second, and fourth from the right are Valkyrie Superfines, Extrafines, and Fines, in that order. The Schönwolff combs are the combs with the red base between the two Valkyrie sets. The second combs from the left are Acorn 5-pitch English Fines. The combs on the far left are handmade Swedish combs, and very rough but great for rough combing prior to shifting to a finer set of combs.

I’ll be honest and say that the Valkyries Extrafines and Superfines are my favorites, and the Extrafines are my go-to combs. For English combs, the Acorns are lovely. For another quality mini-comb which is more standard and yet has a unique twist, look at the Schönwolff combs.

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