Spinning Gallery 2016-17

Production during 2016 and 2017 was limited, but there was a little accomplished.

115. 59/50 Merino/Silk. 837 yards. 223g (7.8oz). 12wpi, 2-ply. The color in the photo is simply not right; it’s actually a dark turquoise rather than blue.


116. Really really bad commercial prep (top) of what was supposedly a Spanish Merino. 1239 yards, 700g, 3-ply (aside from one small skein of leftover chain ply, 170 yds), 11wpi. Color is a dark chocolate with a slight green overdyed cast. It’s fairly coarse so will be turned


117. This beautiful little Corriedale lamb fleece (“Clarence”) from Observatory Hill . . .


became this box of fluff:


which became this series of singles:


which became this finished 4-ply sport-weight (12wpi) yarn:


There are 2329 yards of the 4-ply, plus the small skein at the top of the photo. The leftover skein is a 2-ply (ca. 425 yards and 67g). Total yarn weight is right at 869 grams.

118. “3 Feet of Sheep” in jewel tones BFL (from the Woolery) became this 18wpi chain-ply gradient, 7.75 oz, 433 yds:


119. “Calla Lily” from Painted tiger in Falkland. Chain plied. 3.8 oz. 386 yds. 16 wpi.