Acorn 5-pitch Fine wool combs (English)

The Acorns are lovely combs.  They are the pair second from the left in the series here:

Wool combs

They have a good handle, good balance, are well crafted, and the workmanship is professional.  The wood is smooth and sealed with a clear finish, and the handle is a comfortable diameter for someone with average sized hands.  A person with small hands should find the comb comfortable as well, but someone with large hands may have to shift her grip a little.  The longer handle, however, should make it entirely doable.  The combs come with a hard wooden case for each comb, and a simple clamping pad; I’ll update the page with a proper photo of the full set later.

The combs are heavy–they are, after all, 5-pitch English combs–and weigh in at about 22 ounces per comb.  You need that clamping pad; these are not combs you’ll use free-handed.

Could I make one change to these combs, it would be to adjust the length of the individual rows so that the secondary rows were longer.  Right now, the final row is nearly half the length of the first row, and the decrease also means a decrease in the working space of the combs.  I’d have liked to have seen the shortest row fall at about the length of the third row.

The combs are sold by a number of vendors, including the Woolery.  (One of the Woolery’s oddities in what is otherwise an excellent shop is that they prefer to hide maker names for “minor” products; just look for the distinctive handle and head shape.)

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