Spinning Gallery 2014


color-wheel-yarn color-wheel-flower

A color wheel . . .



A series of samples.  The Teeswater/Muga blend is the larger skein in the middle.  For full descriptions, click through to the picture on Ipernity. Mouse over the pic for embedded notes.



tdf-day11 teeswater-muga

Fiber: The Teeswater locks and Muga silk in the photo on the left are the fiber for this yarn; the gradient nests of Wensleydale were used for another project.  So, Teeswater/Muga, 65/35.
Ply, WPI/TPI: 2-ply, 23wpi
Total yardage/weight: 300 yards. ca. 106g. (1286ypp)
Spun on: Rose
Date: June 2014



wyeth1 wyeth4

Fiber: Enchanted Knoll Farm, “Wyeth” colorway. A 50/50 sw Merino/Tencel blend.
Ply, WPI/TPI: 3-ply, 22wpi
Total yardage/weight: 3488 yards. ca. 36 oz. (1550ypp)
Spun on: Rose and Hansen
Date: May 2014




Fiber: Bombyx silk.
Ply, WPI/TPI: 3-ply, 22wpi
Total yardage/weight: 1812 yards. ca. 570g (1441ypp)
Spun on: Rose and Hansen
Date: April 2014




Fiber: My own blend of Merino/alpaca/silk. More dark teal than appears here. 9oz, 1174 yards.
Ply, WPI/TPI: 2-ply, 12wpi, 4tpi.
Total yardage/weight: 1174 yards. ca. 9oz (2080ypp)
Spun on: Rose and Hansen
Date: February 2014


This one is destined for a colleague toward the end of the year.

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