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I started knitting in the latter part of 2003, and I’m far from an intuitive knitter.  I’m also not a quick knitter, and have no hesitation claiming the title of Slowest Knitter on the Planet.

Note that the gallery is divided into years. The photos are from the “knitting projects” set on Flickr. If you need a larger image, click on any photo and the link will take you to the Flickr page where you can choose your own image size.


Hat and scarf 2


Repeating history. Plain brioche stitch scarf and ribbed hat. Spunky Eclectic “Riverwalk” colorway, spun into a slubby handspun. Scarf measures 70×12, not including the 6″ fringe. As with #1, the hat is a simple 2×2 ribbed watchman’s cap.


Hat and scarf 1


A simple brioche stitch scarf and ribbed hat. Handspun from Spunky Eclectic fiber (Corriedale) in “Mordor” colorway. The scarf measures 73×9.5″ with a 6″ fringe.


Earth Maiden shawl in Haute Coutre


The Earth Maiden shawl pattern with some adjustments. Knit from yarn 69 on the 2012 spinning gallery page. Final dimensions: 108″x18″.



Fluffball loop 2 Cowl

It’s a simple stockinette stitch with an alternating pair of YO/K2Tog rows about every 7 stockinette rows. Knit in the round. Made from the last precious bit of the Fluffball lamb fleece yarn. Gently blocked to 23×17, but long enough to double, and soft and flexible. Gift.


Hath cowl
Enchanted Knoll fiber in “Hath” colorway with a simple stockinette and YO/K2Tog series to keep from making the fabric too busy. Knit in the round. 35×13.


Hot Blood Tudor
Modified Tudor Stole using Enchanted Knoll Farm’s “Hot Blood” club fiber (handspun). Final dimensions: 92″ x 20″ with light blocking.  Gifted.


Slubby Merino/silk Hitchhiker

Carded a fine grey Merino with slubs of multicolored silk for a textured batt and resulting yarn.
The colors don’t show as clearly in the photo, but they do pop in real life. Gifted.


Two Brioche stitch scarves

The green was done in a crossed brioche stitch and the burgundy in a plain. Both were given knotted fringes, and both were my own blends and dyes. Gifted.



Tudor Diamonds


When: August 2012
Background: This is a gift for a friend, using the “Rough Cut Diamonds” yarn you’ll find from Spinning 2012; scroll down to #67. The camera simply doesn’t pick up the variation and slightly turquoise/green hint in the fabric, or the glitter. The fiber was appropriately named, and when knit into a fabric, it really does glitter like diamonds. You may be able to see it if you click the photo and go view the larger sizes on the Flickr page.



When: June 2012
Background: “Citron” shawl in “Through the looking glass” handspun. (See item 56 in the Spinning 2011 gallery.)


Jabe Aria


When: April 2012
Background: “Aria” scarf pattern in “Jabe” handspun. (See item 57 in the Spinning 2012 gallery.)


Partly Destroyed Cowl



When: June 2012
Background: “Destroyed Cowl” in “Sweetgrass” handspunM; it’s just a simple drop-stitch cowl, but very soft and squishy. See #34 in the 2010 Spinning gallery.


Red Bling Spring Leaves

When: March 2012
Background: “Spring Leaves” stole pattern. Knit in handspun “Red Bling.” (Item 54 in the Spinning 2011 page.)



Azure hat/scarf
When: December 2011.
Background: Corriedale handspun; “Azure Dreams” roving from Crown Mountain Farm. See #39 on 2010 Spinning.


Fluffball tube scarf/cowl
When: December 2011.
Background: From the Fluffball yarn. See #53 on 2011 Spinning page.


Fluffball cable hat/scarf
When: November 2011
Background: From the Fluffball yarn. See #53 on 2011 Spinning page.


Gail shawl

Gail1 Gail2
gail4 Gail3

When: September 2011
Background: This shawl uses the “Roses in Winter” yarn which has been waiting for a project since it was span in 2009. The photos don’t pick up the colors properly; the multiple hues in the yarn keep shifting in the different lighting conditions and range from a dusty rose to a very warm peachy gold. And, there really is a LOT of bling in this shawl–and that doesn’t show up either!


Thomas Stole


When: August 2011.
Background: The yarn is the 3-ply semi-woolen yarn which was spun from the Thomas the Bond fleece; the fleece came from Kate Lowder of Lowder Colours Farm, and was simply a joy to work with. The pattern is an improvisation, using the 5-way Cable Shrug as inspiration. The buttons are a two-tone silver and brass color.


Gold Dust Woman Luscious Lace cowl

When: June 2011.
The backstory: This is what was left over from the Gold Dust Woman Annis scarf. Just enough for a small cowl, with a lightweight brooch or pin to close.


Gold Dust Woman Luscious Lace cowl

annis4 annis2

The backstory: Enchanted Knoll Farm silk top, “Gold Dust Woman” colorway, spun into 2-ply heavy laceweight (see the Spinning 2010 page). The scarf pattern is Annis, with beads replacing the nupps. I didn’t like the way the nupps behaved in silk—they were a bit too floppy—so replaced them with a size 6 (or 8?) bronze colored bead.


Comfy Matteus shawl


comfy1 comfy2

When: May 2011.
The backstory: The yarns were both spun in 2010. The body of the shawl is the Matteus Shetland, and the trim is the Thomas the Bond yarn. The shawl is light and not very dense despite the solid stitch pattern, but very lofty, very very soft, and very comforting. The pattern is Miriam Felton’s Comfy Shawl from her Twist & Knit pattern set. I used two of four skeins, so there is enough for another.

Update: The second shawl, a duplicate of the first, was completed as a prayer shawl in July 2011.


Checkerboard scarf

checkerboard-scarf checkerboard2

When: April 2011.
The backstory: The yarn was spun over a few months’ period on the Victoria. It was the Spunky Eclectic club fiber in Corriedale/Aplaca (80/20?) in “Rubber Grapes,” and since DH decided he sort of liked the colors, it had to become something simple in a scarf. The checkerboard pattern is a plain 6×6 with the first two slipped and the last two knit. Easy peasy.


Traveling Woman shawl

When: November 2010.
The backstory: From sheep to shawl, knitted with #48 on the Spinning 2010 gallery page. It’s 104″ from wingtip to wingtip, and 36″ deep. I crocheted a heavy chain at the end of each wingtip, and the shawl is perfect for wrapping around and tying behind one’s back in Danish-shawl style.

Morning Surf moebius

Morning Surf Moebius
When: September 2010.
The backstory: This project was for a swap with a lovely mathematician on Ravelry. I simply modified the Morning Surf scarf into a moebius. The yarn was #45 on the Spinning 2010 gallery page, the Superwash BFL in “Ooh-La-La-Tropi-Cal” colorway from Spunky Eclectic. It turned into a wonderfully bouncy fabric, soft and smooshy as a cowl. This photo is courtesy of Kim, the recipient.


Tudor Stole, by Miriam Felton, from Twist & Knit

Stats: 104″ long and 18″ wide in its relaxed state.
When: Fall 2009, completed January 2010.
The backstory: I had cast about for something to do with the yarn (it’s 35 in the 2009 spinning gallery page), and couldn’t quite come up with anything. Since I like Miriam’s patterns because they’re always well-written, clear, and she provides great support, I’d asked her for ideas. Which of her patterns would be best adaptable, since I wanted to be able to use all the yarn. She asked if I’d consider doing a test knit for her new book, and of course I agreed. I’d knit the pattern, then send it to her and she’d use it for her photo shoot for the book, then return it and a copy of the book to me. So, we did. It’s a lovely pattern, and the final observations are posted here.


Feather and Fan Shawl, by Eugen Beugler, from A Gathering of Lace

Stats: 69″ across, and it wasn’t blocked as hard as it could have been. It’s knitted in Zephyr laceweight (50%wool, 50%silk), and is not perfect.
When: Started in January 2009, completed in February 2010.


flock-together “Flock Together” cowl knitted in one skein of Manos wool/silk singles yarn.

wavy-feathers “Wavy Feathers” cowl knitted from hand-blended, hand-dyed, handspun. Posted about here.


cobblestone Cobblestone for DH.  The yarn is a charcoal 50/50 Merino/Tussah handpun.  This was not a good pattern for this yarn; the yarn was spun a bit firmly to make it more wearable, but the garter stitch yoke sags terribly.  Were I to do this pattern again, I’d use a firmer stitch pattern, such as moss, and make the yoke MUCH shorter.
luna1a-frontThe front of the Luna Moth shawl, knit in handspun. (See the handspun gallery for details on the Morning Glory yarn.) The photo is a bit dark. luna1-backThe back.
luna1a-beads A closeup of the beads. They turned out very subtle, and only “pop” when
they catch the light.
bag1a bag1
An oversized Flap Dash Bag in bulky brown handspun. The bag is lined in brown quilting fabric with a bit of light Pergo for stability in the bottom. It is roughly the size of a large messenger bag.
scarf A simple garter stitch scarf in 4-ply DK cashmere from Sarah’s Yarns. Knit lengthwise to avoid stiffness (400 stitches), and with 3 colors.

2007. . .

was not a knitting year for me. For a variety of reasons, knitting needles stayed idle until the last six months of the year, and were then only active for short bursts. There were a few little things accomplished, such as a plain skull cap, a plain headband, and helping a friend finish a sweater for her daughter. Otherwise, however, 2007 was the year of Fiber and Spinning.

Swallowtail Shawl in my own handspun. See the notes for Spin 5 for information about the yarn. You’ll find the summary in the Spinning Gallery. This is the back.
The front of the swallowtail.
The color is off here (the first two shots are truer), but it shows the striping better.
A simple pair of modified Fetching mitts out of handspun superwash BFL. Fiber was hand-dyed by Natalie of The Yarn Yard.


brown-gauntletsElbow-length gauntlets with a simple cable across the back, made in aworsted/chunky merino. turquoise-gauntletsA Norwegian Drops gauntlet pattern, made with alpaca yarn.
alpaca gauntletsThe same alpaca gauntlets, made with the leftovers. seraphimSeraphim shawl (pattern by Miriam Felton) in Idena Lux Mohair with one body increase. 250cm x 140cm.
mittens2A Gjestal mittens pattern (60-2) considerably downsized by using 2mm and 2.5mm needles with Dalegarn babyull. I’m not entirely happy; the tension is off in places. But they feel great, meet the recipient’s requirements, and I like the pattern. I’ll use the pattern with a heavier wool for myself. legwarmersLegwarmers and bed socks. Legwarmers in doubled superwash merino baby wool; no pattern. The red section centers on the knee. Bed socks in Dale Freestyle for a heavier fabric. See this post for more:


This section hosts images of completed knitting projects from 2005. There were two sets of the baby sweater and accessories. Some small projects (i.e., fuzzy scarfs or scrap-yarn hats) are not included.

baby sweater
baby sweater, Marius pattern
The scarf: tied. Such a cool little gizmo!
Hat, scarf, and mittens. Mittens use a Selbu pattern.
ballet sock
A Norwegian sock, knit in a large size and using a chunky Merino superwash
yarn, designed to go over a niece’s pointe shoes.
Olympic pattern

This section covers 2003 and 2004. I’ve lumped them together simply because I cannot remember which things were done in which year, although I know the socks and scarf were first and the sweater last.


first scarf, crocheted border
child's hat
child’s hat, Norwegian pattern
selbu rose hat
Selbu rose pattern
Olympic pattern hat
Norwegian olympic team pattern hat
first socks
felted booties
Gjestal 103-5 pattern, extended from a short jacket to a full-length cardigan, Norwegian clasps instead of buttons, and converted from reds to blues. The colors should be deeper/darker than this photo shows.


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