Tour de Fleece 2017 recap

For those of you who don’t know, Tour de Fleece is the spinner’s version of Tour de France.  Every year, spinners worldwide pull out wheels and spindles and as the fellows crank their cycles over mountain and flat, the spinners turn pounds of fiber into yarn.  Their goals vary, and are very dependent upon the individual.  For some, simply spinning a few minutes every day of the Tour is a challenge.  For others, it may be to spin a particular fiber, or a particular yarn.  For others, it may be a matter of getting through as much fiber as humanly possible.

Regardless of the goals, it’s fascinating to watch what folks accomplish each day, to hear the dugout chatter calling to the other players, and to see the sense of camaraderie which develops during the ride.

It is always a joy—and quite frankly, a blast.

For my part, things were rather chaotic and I was juggling spinning around work and travel prep.  I’m finally landed in one place long enough that I can update the blog to show what I’ve done, but it honestly isn’t a lot.


I’m slowly working my way through a Bond fleece from Gleason’s flock.  The two bobbins in the basket are numbers 3 and 4, and the bobbin on the Rose is bobbin #5.  I’m guessing there are enough combed nests left in the basket to fill that fifth bobbin plus a good part of one more, so I should end up with 6, or thereabouts.

However, it will all have to wait until I get back from being on the road—and then we’ll see if I can knock it out sooner rather than later and get it plied.


Trønderrokk Treff 2015

Tiden begynner å nærmere seg til Trønderrokks sitt spinnetreff!  Det har vært for mye kaos her i det siste slik at jeg har glemte å melde treffet på bloggen, men det kommer, det kommer!  Blir du med?


Vi treffer på Quality Hotel Panorama på Tiller i Trondheim den 14.-15. mars.  Påmeldingen foregår nå, og fristen kommer rett rundt hjørnet men vi har jo plass til flere!

Det blir tid å lære, skravle, og le med andre som er like hektet på spinning og fiber, og et marked (som betyr sjansen å kjøpe litt).

Mer opplysningen finnes på gruppens webside:

Vi holder på å ordne det som trenges, men er du litt nysjerrig om hva disse to eskene har i seg?  😉



A few minutes here and there add up.  That pile of roving?  It’s now neatly combed nests.  Not counting what’s in the basket beside the wheel, or the singles on the bobbin, there are about 900 grams worth.


Saturday starts a travel period, so it’ll wait neatly in its corner until I get back.

How’s that for something fibery to look forward to?