And we’re back!

Ok, folks, the blog is back, and I’m recovering information, relevant posts, and galleries as I go.  I still have pages which need rebuilding (or building), but we’re largely functional again.

I would liked to have shifted the site over to Concrete5, but right now I simply don’t have time or functioning grey cells to do what needs doing for that, and given that they’re coming out with an update on the platform in the coming month, I’m opting to wait and deal with it at a later date.  For now, then, we’ll go with WordPress for the blog function.

I still have the Shepherds/resources page to update, some information to add for the Norwegian sheep breeds, and some tutorials to upload.  But they’ll come as I can find time for them.

In the meantime, if there was something here which you found useful and which you don’t see now, send me a note or leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can add it.

Whew.  🙂  Hackers and lightning strikes.  Really.  I’m thinking I might want to land an asteroid on the grave of the fellow who came up with the “may you live in interesting times” curse.  You know, as a sort of cosmic return.  ;-p

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