Spinning and Knitting 2016 to now

While I wasn’t writing, I didn’t exactly have much time for spinning or knitting either, so I don’t have much to show.  And, truthfully, I don’t remember much of what I did do, but there was a little accomplished along the way.  If it weren’t for Flickr and being able to dump a photo there as I went, I’d genuinely be lost.  But, here’s a little photo bombing of what’s been finished since the end of 2015 . . .


115.  59/50 Merino/Silk. 837 yards. 223g (7.8oz). 12wpi, 2-ply.  The color in the photo is simply not right; it’s actually a dark turquoise rather than blue.


116.  Really really bad commercial prep (top) of what was supposedly a Spanish Merino. 1239 yards, 700g, 3-ply (aside from one small skein of leftover chain ply, 170 yds), 11wpi. Color is a dark chocolate with a slight green overdyed cast.  It’s fairly coarse so will be turned


117.  This beautiful little Corriedale lamb fleece (“Clarence”) from Observatory Hill . . .


became this box of fluff:


which became this series of singles:


which became this finished 4-ply sport-weight (12wpi) yarn:


There are 2329 yards of the 4-ply, plus the small skein at the top of the photo.  The leftover skein is a 2-ply (ca. 425 yards and 67g).  Total yarn weight is right at 869 grams.

118.  “3 Feet of Sheep” in jewel tones BFL (from the Woolery) became this 18wpi chain-ply gradient, 7.75 oz, 433 yds:


119. “Calla Lily” from Painted tiger in Falkland. Chain plied. 3.8 oz. 386 yds. 16 wpi.




This little cowl used the Buckhorn pattern and some alpaca/silk (I think) fingering-weight yarn I’d picked up somewhere along the way. I have no idea what it was, but it was travel knitting when I had none of my own yarn on hand and needed something small and simple. The pattern is easy and makes for a nice little project.


“Night at Niagara” handspun turned into an error-filled Lionberry scarf:


“2015 Blues” handspun turned into a simply massive “As the Crow Flies” stole. The thing is huge: 267xx89cm (105×35”). I kept knitting thinking I’d get to the end of my yarn–and never did.


Plus a couple of mitts:

Plus some leftovers which may get turned into a random weave. Sheesh. You’d think I’d learn. Clearly not. On the other hand, the stole has been handy at the office and is big enough to bundle into when the room gets chilled.

A small skein of uneven Malagbrio Nube handspun turned into an Infinitude cowl:


The “Calla Lily” handspun above turned into this “Whimsy Cowl”:


And the chocolate brown Polwarth fleece handspun finally turned into this Mondo Cable Cardigan.  I never would have finished it without help from a couple of friends!



The snaps are light leather and add zero weight to the fabric. I learned a lot in this project. It’s the first sweater I’ve done for myself, and the first raglan, and the first top down. I’m struggling with getting a tight enough fabric and generally have to go down a couple of needle sizes; I’m knitting far too loosely. But, I’ll work on it. In the meantime, I have a sweater—and have started another.

And finally, the “Sacre Bleu” handspun turned into this “Eyeblink” shawl:




Castilleja hat:


and an extra hat:

The first three made a little set–
—which went to the neighbor.  She was pleased.

It may look like a lot, but most of it was easy knitting or spinning which–aside from the sweater–didn’t need much in terms of functioning grey cells.  Fortunately.  😉

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